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Formula Individualis

A cream as individual as you!

This tailor-made cream provides your skin solely with care ingredients it really needs to maintaint its beauty. Within this special formula, developed by renowned dermatologist Dr. med Peter Kessler, the focus on the essentials has been followed to perfection while supporting the regeneration process of your skin.

Initial order
450 € VAT incl.
Further order
270 € VAT incl.
Arrange an individual appointment After a maximum of 14 days you will receive your very own Formula Individualis.
„Focusing on the essentials is simultaneously the highest art of perfect product creation.“
Dr. med. Peter Kessler

After a personal consultation with Dr. Med Peter Kessler, your facial skin is going to undergo zoning and precise analysis during a special treatment. This anamnesis and examination provide the starting point for the creation of your perfect individual cream.


Following this individual skin analysis, Dr. Med Peter Kessler will design and manufacture your personal cream. The true luxury of focusing on the essentials is simultaneously the highest art of perfect product creation. Understanding the essentials requires expertise, sensibility, and experience. All ingredients of the Formula Individualis are selected as to contain no harmful or superfluous substances such as parabene, silicones and fragrances.


With ingredients such as argan oil from its oldest region of cultivation in the world, evening primrose oil, antioxidants, plant extracts, vitamins and purified hyaluronic acid and other rare ingredients which penetrate deep into the skin, activate your skin’s very own healing processes and support them with exclusive oils. The result: healthy skin with youthful radiance!


The unique formulation is mixed by hand and sealed with the traditional red Le Manoir wax seal. Additionally, it is certified with its own permanent I.D. number and is also provided with its own unique identifier.


The idea to create an individual cream was born a few years ago on a set of an renowned filmproduction in Luxemburg. Quickly, this tailor-made cream with its special formula became an insider tip among the stars. By now the effect of Le Manoir Formular Individualis has convinced clients all over the world. Get your very own tailor-made cream now!

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