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Dr. Peter Keßler
Dr. med. Peter Kessler

„True luxury focuses on the

About us

Le Manoir Crememanufaktur is a medical and high quality skin care company created by the experienced dermatologist Dr. med. med. Peter Kessler. The brand took its origin from a film set where a French actress inspired the founder of Le Manoir to create his first, individual skin care cream.

Dive into the world of Le Manoir

After training as a dermatologist and allergist, with a PhD in chemistry and Biochemistry, as well as continuing education in plastic surgery, he practiced dermatology and cosmetic dermatology for 20 years in his practices around Germany and Luxembourg. In 2008, he opened a private practice at the Le Manoir country manor in Felsberg near Saarlouis, not far from the French border, and founded his cream manufacture in 2013.

LE MANOIR SKINCARE Pure, high-tolerance and extremely effective ingredients

A small country manor in Saarlouis, close to the French border, houses the Le Manoir factory, where Dr. med. Peter Kessler develops pure, highly concentrated skincare products according to the motto “True luxury focuses on the essentials”. Inspired by a French actress, the first Le Manoir skin cream was created exclusively from pure substances of the highest quality. The most important factor in the formulation and manufacture of our products is their skin tolerance. As an experienced medical professional, Dr. med. Kessler dispenses with all substances capable of damaging the skin and all superfluous ingredients capable of causing irritation. As a result, the Le Manoir products contain neither silicones nor parabens and also no potentially allergenic substances; the skin creams are also free of fragrances. Reduced to essentials, these concentrated products are produced to a special formula that makes them especially rich and nourishing, so that the skin is deeply replenished and its natural regeneration process activated. The efficacy of a skincare product is not determined by the number of ingredients it contains. Its real necessity and its quality, its combination and concentration are what make it a true luxury for the skin.

TRADITION AND QUALITY Focus on the essentials at Le Manoir

All of our products are manufactured exclusively in pharmaceutical quality. The ingredients we use are far purer, tested to even more stringent standards and of even higher quality than the cosmetic substances generally used. The red Le Manoir diamond symbolises the pharmaceutical quality of Le Manoir skincare products. Its shape mirrors the pattern of the front door of the Le Manoir country manor, a place where the philosophy of focusing on the essential is already a tradition.

The manor house was built as a retreat in 1698 by a French nobleman from Paris. Later, monks lived a life of simplicity there, going without the superfluous things in life and cultivating in its extensive baroque gardens the rare plants and herbs with which they healed and cared for the sick.


We here at Le Manoir do not automatically equate luxury with “abundance” or “expense”; instead, it’s a matter of individual taste, and in our eyes beauty always has something to do with individuality and character. That’s why we are always on the lookout for exceptional beauty and develop our skin-care products in the belief that every person and every skin is unique. As the cosmetics industry, in particular, tends towards an inflationary use of the words “luxury”, “beauty” and “individuality”, we always make a point of questioning them in our work. We do this both in the conception of our skincare products and also on a philosophical and artistic level. What’s more, in our independent Le Manoir Art section, we also help promising artists to realise their freelance art and film projects.

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