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Face it! Who do you want to be? An exhibition about faces, beauty and individuality at Ludwig Museum Koblenz article

The aesthetic dermatologist dr. med. Peter Kessler from Le Manoir supports art exhibition on faces, beauty and individuality.

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REBIRTH – A film about true luxury article

In our independent art section Le Manoir Art we support promising artists in the realization of free art and film projects. Our current project is a cooperation with the artist duo REVEL: Azel Le Bris and Sofian Pelloquin. In their new film REBIRTH, the two artists address the question: "What is true luxury?

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Art can change a the world

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Try a Creative Way of Thinking & Get Out of Your Box! Le Manoir Pantomime lemanoirinspiration

How do I explain the terms "snail", "kitchen table", "apple" or "postman" without saying a single word?

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Le Manoir at "small hollywood" Fotoshooting at the former silent film theatre Delphi article

Former silent movie theatre Delphi combines the 1920s film spirit with architectural beauty and is a reflection of Le Manoir`s philosophy of seeing beauty as something all-encompassing.

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Kissed by the muse Marlène article

"We keep waiting for it, for the kiss of the muse. We are waiting for you, the wonderful, the inspiration. She is demanding, no paradise queen for dreamers." (NZZ,1938)

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a ≡ a (identity) article

The interactive sculpture by artist Kristiane Kegelmann deals with essential questions about identity, which each of us poses in the course of his or her life: who am I and how do I act on others?

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