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Inspired by a film star - the first Le
Manoir cream is born.

Le Manoir

Our Story

It all began on the film set of a famous movie production company in Luxembourg.

A French actress could no longer bear to be made up, so her make-up artist turned to aesthetic dermatology specialist Dr. med. Peter Kessler for advice. The situation on set was immediately obvious to the experienced physician: the continuous round of applying and removing make-up and the use of products containing a number of different and often questionable ingredients had made her skin sensitive and sore. The skin’s natural metabolism had been disrupted so that it could no longer regenerate on its own and was additionally exposed without protection to the make-up.

After an individual skin analysis on the set, the dermatologist developed a cream of the world’s finest and most effective ingredients which he handpicks to match the needs of the actress’s skin. This is how the first formula Individualis cream was created at Le Manoir. It contains nothing that strains and stresses the skin. Dr. med. Kessler consciously avoids parabene, silicones, fragrances, and potentially allergenic substances when designing the cream. He is also mindful of perfectly balancing all ingredients. This cream, which is concentrated on the essentials, is excellently tolerated by the actress. The film shoot is saved and the foundation is laid for the Le Manoir cream manufacture.

FORMULA CURA AND FORMULA PURGATORIA Individual cleansing and skincare range for all skin types

An individual range of skincare products for different skin requirements based on Dr. med. Peter Kessler’s Formula Individualis as well as Formula Purgatoria and Formula Cura: a combination of cleanser and rich care.


An actress at a filmset: Her skin is irritated because of the continuous round of applying and removing make-up so that she can not be made-up anymore. Her skin is irritated and tired – tired also of covering up, wearing a “mask“ of make-up every day and not beeing able to truely be herself. Within our section Le Manoir & Art we are interested in philosophical reflections of socially relevant issues and aim to take a look behind the surface.

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